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We are currently developing our comprehensive agenda for the 2022 program. 


April 26: Welcome Reception | April 27-28: General Sessions | April 29: Optional Post-Conference Workshops (for an additional fee)


Below, you can also check out the agenda for our previous 2021 event: Executive War College Presents: Preparing Your Clinical Laboratory and Pathology Group for Post-Pandemic Success below to get an idea of the comprehensive and innovative program EWC attendees have come to expect.

Monday, November 1, 2021


Welcome Reception

5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Hyatt River Walk Hotel


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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Master Class Sessions

Using Data Integration and Analysis with AI and Other Digital Tools to Automate Processes and Streamline Workflow from Patient to Lab to Clean Lab Test Claim

Michael Tarwater

VP Information Technology & CIO

Gravity Diagnostics

Moving the Clinical Laboratory toward Precision Health: Why Real-Time Data Feeds Allow Our Scientific Team to Identify Trends within Client Practices and Interact with Caregivers in Ways that Directly Improve Patient Care

Gina Cooper, MSN, RN                                       Scott LaNeve

Director of Toxicology                                                        General Manager

DrugScan                                                                              DrugScan

New Ways to Add Value! What Innovative Labs and Collaborating Physician Groups Are Doing Today to Provide Aggregated Data Sets to Big Pharma, Bioresearch, and Oncology Centers

Patricia Goede, PhD                          Julie Ramage

Vice President, Clinical Informatics             Director of Precision Medicine Quality Initiatives and Partnerships

XIFIN, Inc.                                                         AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

Making Your Lab the Employer of Choice in Today's Tight Staffing Market: What's Working and What's Not When Recruiting Med Techs, Lab Managers, and C-Level Lab Executives

Ed Dooling

CEO and Co-Founder

Vanguard Healthcare Staffing

Internet of Things (IoT) Comes Clinical Laboratories: Using a Smart Lockbox to Improve the Integrity of Specimens from Client to Lab, while Documenting Time, Temperature, and Other Factors

Brad Ruffkess                    Invited: Tyler Kennedy


BoxLock, Inc.                                                Interpath Laboratories

Making the Transition from a Reactive PCR Testing Workflow to a Lab Workflow That Serves Healthcare's Evolving Needs

Steve Stone

Managing Director

Argent Global Services

Automating Real-Time Data Collection, Data Interoperability, and Data Analysis: Effective Ways to Get the Right Data Upfront to Help Lower Lab Costs and Collect More Revenue

John “JD” Donnelly              Nichole Kerr

President & CEO                              Senior Director of Revenue Services

FrontRunnerHC                                Sonora Quest

Applying Precision Medicine to Add Value to Patients, Physicians, and Payers: How Cernostics Harnesses the Power of AI to Deliver a Paradigm-Shifting Precision Medicine Tool for Barrett's Esophagus

                    Rebecca Critchley-Thorne, Ph.D.                                                    Coleman Stavish                                                                             Joe Nollar

                                     Chief Scientific Officer                                                                               Chief Technology Officer                                                                        AVP LIS Product Development

                                           Cernostics, Inc.                                                                                                   Proscia                                                                                                          XIFIN, Inc.

General Sessions

Era of Value-Based Reimbursement Means Labs Must Become Masters of Data to Help Slash Costs, Improve Outcomes

Robert L. Michel

Producer of the Executive War College

Editor-in-Chief of The Dark Report

FDA Clears First AI-Powered Image Analysis System: Why It Will Accelerate the Digitization of Anatomic Pathology and How Pathologists Should Respond

David Klimstra, M.D.

Founder and Chief Medical Officer




Patient Engagement as a Lab Opportunity: How Focusing on Care Gaps Improves Patient Outcomes, Lowers Cost of Care, and Generates New Revenue for Labs

Monique Dodd, PharmD, PhC., MLS(ASCP)CM

Manager, Enterprise Clinical Solutions

Rhodes Group

How Michigan's Healthcare Data Integration Hub Benefits Patients, Payers, Providers, and Labs: What's Working and What Comes Next

Dr. Tim Pletcher, DHA

President and CEO



COVID Hunter Preview

Adeeb Al-Zoubi

Co-Founder/Chief Scientific Officer 

Advanced Medical Solutions International



See Breakout Sessions Below

Current State of Healthcare Big Data: Understanding Labs' Opportunity to Generate New Revenue by Supporting Population Health Management at the Macro Level and Delivering Precision Medicine at the Patient Level

Robert L. Michel                                    Oleg Bess, M.D.                       Monique Dodd, PharmD, PhC, MLS(ASCP)CM                Dr. Tim Pletcher, DHA

Producer of the Executive War College          Chairman of the Board                       Manager, Enterprise Clinical Solutions                                                  President and CEO                                                        Editor-In-Chief of The Dark Report                   & Chief Executive Officer 

The Dark Intelligence Group                            4medica                                                 Rhodes Group                                                                                           Velatura

Breakout Sessions

Taking a Deeper Dive into How Artificial Intelligence Analyzes a Digital Pathology Image: What Current Technology Can and Cannot Do, Steps to Implement, and Understanding How the FDA Views AI in Pathology

Andy Moye, PhD                                  Patricia Raciti, MD                                

Chief Commercial Officer                               Pathologist                         

Paige                                                                  Paige                                                             

Blockchain's Role in Healthcare: Lessons from Synaptic Health Alliance's Provider Directory Project

Kyle Culver

Director of Emerging Technologies

Humana, Inc


Synaptic Health Alliance


State of the Genetic Testing Market: Insights, Trends, and Pathways to Consistent, Accurate Claims Payment

Rob Metcalf

Chief Executive Officer

Concert Genetics

The New Data Economy: Multiple Ways Labs Can Generate Revenue from Specimens while Building PCR Test Volumes COVID-19 and Other Types of PCR Assays

Barry Wark



New Technology Preview: Meet the COVID Hunter, a Non-Invasive, Touchless, Immediate, and Portable Detection Device that Identifies the SARS-Cov-2 Virus

Adeeb Al-Zoubi, Ph.D.                                       

Co-Founder/Chief Scientific Officer                              

Advanced Medical Solutions International                      

Open Conversation About the Healthcare Data Aggregation Hub Model: Understanding the Financial Model of Getting Paid for Providing Data and Paying to Access Data

Dr. Tim Pletcher, DHA

President and CEO


Private Pathology Practice Redux: How the New Generation of Pathologists Builds National Subspecialty Referrals, Enjoys More Revenue, and Does It All Without Private Equity

Adam Cole, MD                              Stephanie Evans

Founder & CSO                                           Chief Operations Officer

TruCore Pathology Group                         Path Net Lab

Roundtable Discussion on Current Activity involving Clinical Laboratory and Pathology Mergers & Acquisitions

Richard Cooper, Esq.                                        Melissa Butterworth

Co-chair, National Healthcare Practice                          Co-Founder, Managing Director, and President

McDonald Hopkins LLC                                                    Advanced Strategic Partners

Biomarkers and Big Data in Cancer Care: What Clinical Labs and Genetic Testing Companies Need to Know and How They Can Contribute More Value in Diagnostic, Therapeutic, and Patient Monitoring Decisions

Julie Ramage

Director of Precision Medicine Quality Initiatives and Partnerships

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

Today's Opportunities with Hospital Laboratory Outreach Programs: Best Strategies for Winning New Clients, Boosting Revenue, and Delivering More Clinical Value to Physicians, Payers, and Patients

Jane Hermansen, MBA, MT(ASCP)

Manager, Outreach and Network Development

Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

Mayo Clinic 

How COVID-19 Forever Changed the In Vitro Diagnostics Marketplace: What Both Clinical Labs and IVD Companies Need to Know about the Growth of Consumer At-Home Testing and Other Key Trends

Lawrence Worden


IVD Logix, LLC


Grand Reception

5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Hyatt River Walk Hotel


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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Master Class Sessions

Evolving Best Practices in Blood Collection, Transport, and Processing: What's New, How COVID-19 Is Reshaping Collection Practices, and Effective Ways to Reduce Hemolysis

Michael O'Bryan, MD, MHA

Medical Affairs Officer

Greiner Bio-One

Decrease Costs and Increase Revenue: The Business Case for Bringing Additional Infectious Disease Testing in House -
An Operational Playbook to Repurposing Automated PCR Platforms for High-Margin LDTs and Other Tests

Neil Gerber                                                                      Elliot Labovitz

Director of Sales Operations                                                          Chief Sales Officer

Lighthouse Lab Services                                                                 Lighthouse Lab Services

Too Many Open Positions and Not Enough Pathologists: What Pathology Groups Must Do to Successfully Recruit Qualified Pathologists in the Tightest Job Market in Two Decades

Rich Cornell


Sante Consulting, LLC


Breaking News on Trends and Denials Involving Lab Test Claims: New Insights on Changing Behavior of Payers and Cunning Ways They Shift Claims Processing Protocols

Diana Richard                                                      Stephanie Denham

Director of Anatomic Pathology Program                      Associate Vice President, RCM Systems and Analytics

XIFIN, Inc.                                                                             XIFIN, Inc.

Joining Pathology's Digital Revolution: How Traditional Pathology Groups Can Digitize Clinical Workflows, Achieve Data Integration, and Use a Single Solution to Accommodate the Myriad of Scanning Formats

Lisa-Jean Clifford


Gestalt Diagnostics

Scaling Next-Generation Sequencing Testing Utilizing Artificial Intelligence: Rapid Launch of Genetic Disease Panels (in post-COVID world)

Michael Vishnevetsky, PhD

VP of Business Development

Fabric Genomics

Legal, Regulatory, and Managed Care Contracting Issues Changing in 2022: What's Important, What's Not, and What's at Risk for Labs and Pathology Groups

Elizabeth Sullivan                                                        Courtney G. Tito

Member, Co-Chair, National Healthcare Practice                     Board Certified Health Law by the Florida Bar

McDonald Hopkins LLC                                                                McDonald Hopkins LLC


General Sessions

Session to be announced

Understanding the Changing Priorities and Care Programs of Self-Insured Employers and Health Insurers: Specific Ways Clinical Labs Can Align with these Payer Initiatives to Add Value

Kristine Bordenave, MD, FACP

Strategic Consultant Precision Medicine

KKBordenave Consulting Group and The Outcomes Team LLC


Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence in Three Dimensions: Daily Lab Operations and Patient Services, Integration and Interpretation of Data, and the Coming AI Revolution in Digital Pathology

Stan Letovsky, PhD

Associate Vice-President for Clinical Bioinformatics


Artificial Intelligence Arrives in Healthcare and Diagnostics: What It Can Do Today, Where It's Being Used First, and Why Labs Can Use It to Deliver More Value and Create New Sources of Revenue

Ajit Singh, PhD

Managing Director and General Partner

Artiman Ventures


See Breakout Sessions Below

Extracting the Important Lessons from the Executive War College 2021

Robert L. Michel

Producer of the Executive War College

Editor-in-Chief of The Dark Report

Breakout Sessions

Ransomware and Encryption Attacks as Threats to Hospitals, Labs, and Pathology Groups: Best Practices in Protecting against Such Attacks and Practical Ways to Respond to Attacks

Mike Lotas                                               Emily Johnson

Chief Security Officer (CSO)                                Member

Global Response Leader

Arete Advisors                                                       McDonald Hopkins, LLC

Ask the Expert: Roundtable Discussion About Artificial Intelligence and Its Role in Operations, Data Analysis, Diagnostics, and More

Ajit Singh, PhD

Managing Director and General Partner

Artiman Ventures

Our Lab’s Multi-year Journey to Automate Work Processes and Use Analytics to Reduce Errors, Boost Efficiencies, and Improve Patient Care

Jodie Warner

Director of Laboratory Services

Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center

How Demonstrating Our Lab's Value During the COVID Pandemic Evolved into Tight, Ongoing Collaborations with Most Clinical Service Lines in Our Health System

Karen Atkinson

Laboratory Director

Atrium Health Laboratory Network

From Bench to Bedside: The Avera Institute for Human Genetics Pathway to Implementation of Clinical Genetic Testing for Pharmacogenetics and Precision Oncology

Erik Ehli, Phd, BSN                                   Leslie Cooper, MLS(ASCP)

Scientific Director                                                   Laboratory Operations Manager

Avera Institute for Human Genetics                   Avera Institute for Human Genetics




for the 2022 Event

Innovative ideas exchange = post-pandemic opportunities your lab and pathology group can seize

Preparing Your Clinical Laboratory and Pathology Group for Post-Pandemic Success, presented by the Executive War College, will be held two full days November 2-3, 2021 in San Antonio, Texas, with pre-registration and welcome reception on Monday evening, November 1.

This conference will provide leaders of the nation’s most innovative clinical labs and pathology groups their first look at the significant changes to the U.S. healthcare system triggered by the pandemic. Sessions will focus on how conference attendees can provide state-of-the-art diagnostic services, expand market share, and tap new sources of much-needed revenue as a head-start for 2022. 

By attending this event, you and your team will get the inside scoop on how to add value with lab testing services, expand market share, and tap new sources of much-needed revenue as a head-start for 2022. To meet safety and current CDC directives, this will be a smaller gathering than our full-scale Executive War College conferences that happen every spring (we are planning for 2022 now). But it will feature top-flight sessions and speakers, complemented by the lab profession’s best networking and marketplace of ideas and inspiration.

Stay up-to-date on conference details and news

You can count on us to schedule sessions and speakers from those labs that have identified the new needs of physicians, patients, and hospitals and are now delivering relevant lab testing services while generating new sources of revenue. We are gathering the best and brightest in our profession so that you get as much value from networking opportunities as you do from the top-flight sessions and speakers.

We will reveal more information about Executive War College Presents: Preparing Your Clinical Laboratory and Pathology Group for Post-Pandemic Success as the agenda builds and speakers come aboard. Sign up here to receive periodic updates as we confirm session topics and speakers and have important event news to share.



"Robert Michel and his team do a fantastic job organizing a conference that provides a great mix of thought-leadership sessions on market trends and in-depth master classes with exceptional speaker lineups. It is a great event and highly recommended for learning, networking, and meeting new people from Lab Industry."

"If you want to attend a meeting and go home with new ideas, a fresh perspective, and an understanding of new solutions on the market to meet common challenges you face in the laboratory, this is a meeting for you."

"There is no other conference in the medical laboratory industry that provides such quality educational and networking opportunities like Executive War College. The exceptional speakers range from senior leaders providing strategic market analysis to individual contributors who share their best practices in project execution."